Playing a show tonight (1/25/08), Asheville, NC, Firestorm Cafe, 8pm

Wow, I’m really bad at announcing my shows on here, which is funny because it was one of the main reasons I started this blog. Oh well. I’m playing my first Asheville, North Carolina show. Tonight, at Firestorm Cafe & Books, Asheville’s own anarchist-run cafe. I’ll be sharing the stage with my friend Scugly and someone else I don’t actually know, who apparently makes music with an accordion and toy instruments.

The show is a benefit for Everglades Earth First!, our friends down in Florida who are working tirelessly to protect some of the last old growth swamp in Florida, which is being destroyed by, surprise suprise, a fossil fuels power plant. 17 EF!er’s were arrested on January 10th for contesting the fact that the public hasn’t been allowed to witness the destruction, and they’re facing fairly serious legal fees.

So yeah, come out tonight and listen to me and others play, and give money that will go to help these activists. One of the great things about Earth First!, as compared to donating to other environmental groups, is that every earth first activist is a volunteer. [exception: the staff of the Earth First! Journal is paid a very modest stipend to work full time on publishing. But that’s not where we’re raising money for anyhow.]

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  1. hey- soon it wont be cold. come to burlington vermont. we DO have a craft collective, we do have a diy bar, we do have an infoshop. there is alot going on. just ask mickey western.
    hope your show goes well.
    say hello to scott and eli for me.

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