The World’s Largest Prison, Gaza, Bombed Again

The Gaza Strip, home to more than a million Palestinians, has been under lockdown (siege) for the past 18 months. During that time, the necessities of life have been smuggled in from Egypt by way of tunnels. The Israeli army took care of that just now, by bombing the hell out of the area to collapse the tunnels. With US-supplied airplanes, of course. Nearly 300 Palestinians have been killed, with reports of 600-700 injuries. And, of course, now these people have no access to Egypt. Gaza is a prison.

Indymedia reports that the EU and Russia, among other countries, are calling this out as bullshit. Only the US and the UK remain standing behind Israel.

2 thoughts on “The World’s Largest Prison, Gaza, Bombed Again”

  1. My good friend, Motaz, grew up in the camps in Palestine.

    He was in his med-teens before anyone in his family could get a passport (issued by Egypt, at that).

    Cripes, whaddafugginmess. Katushas and Kasams are politically significant, not militarily significant. “Asymmetrical” is the keyword here.

    Like Motaz always said: “Destruction is NOT the answer”.

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