1925 Steamroller

There are some fun pictures of a 1925 steamroller over on Shorpy [1, 2, and 3]. Today’s fun steamroller fact: steamrollers were still in use until the 1960s, making them one of the longest lasting steam machines I can think of. (Turns out the modern ones are called “road rollers” which is a much worse name. Though I could imagine being a “road punk” would be kind of cool. And it would fit on your knuckles. But I digress.)

3 thoughts on “1925 Steamroller”

  1. Odd. I still think of “road rollers” as steamrollers. I suppose I may have seen a steam-powered roller in the 1960s (I remember some parts of my childhood). But I was not making the connection until seeing these on Shorpy and now here.

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